Volunteer & Donate

First of all,

Thank you for your contributions as you can see progress is being made. To God be the Glory and in service to Him, HALLELUYAH! All praise be to our Lord.

It is so amazing to experience and watch God in Action!

We have almost 15 acres here and are looking to create a retreat space for those who come to visit from out of town. Meeting with small groups and private get a ways to have a time of rejuvenation, reflection and encounters with God. Living here under this open heaven, we encourage you to come have a encounter with Jesus and His messenger angels. God is calling, Christ Community “A Gathering Place, for The Gathering”

Come be His hands and feet to develop this land with walking trails, or perhaps assist with the purchase of two more different size of off grid tiny houses for guest to use, as you can see it has already begun. This tiny house a 10×20 which will allow guest(s) the privacy and quite they may want with the option to join in a fire pit gathering or group dinner hour, all our first tiny house needs now is painted inside/outside, put in insulation, dry wall, flooring etc. and it will be ready for visitors to sign up to stay in it for a week or a weekend.


(b)Volunteer & Donate to help us build this new larger 6500 gallon spring water catchment.

We also would like to have a (a) well built, and (b) to improve the spring water catchment to hold more water, (c) front and back property line fence completed, there is (d) always firewood to be chopped and stacked, (e) assist with creating a raised vegetable garden and fence the garden in, flower and herb gardens, (f) wood deck built, (g) help put together and build our greenhouse, and how about (h) a tree house and other fun areas of reflection and quite.

Classic Deltec
Donate to have this Classic Deltec Net-Zero Home built for multi-purpose use such as a
community kitchen and a eat in area, group meetings, worship and more.

We feel called to purchase more land. It is a call and not a personal desire, I am sure everyone can relate to wanting to be obedient to God’s calling on you to do and your personal preferences and comfortable zone is like aaahhhhhh that’s to much, that’s to big for me. If I am fully transparent here trusting, stepping out, being God’s Love message-giver, His hands and feet, is not always comfortable or easy. Living the life, walking with and being guided by God, is at times inconvenient for our personal wants/desires/plans for our daily life. I must admit I sometimes need to die to self- will a few times a day, and at other times, Oh Lord forgiven my disobedient ways, weakness and laziness of not utilizing every minute loving and serving you and your people. For even when I have been in service to God’s will being done in, through and around me, oh the LOVE, the EVERYTHING words can not describe fully or encapsulate the actual experience.Thus, obedience to God and virtuous living bring the natural consequences of happiness and personal fulfillment.

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Future additional build idea with multi Deltec Homes Net-Zero energy, room to grow. God has a plan. We know God’s plans and ways are higher than ours.

2019 Embark

Are you called to donate or lease one or two drive-able recreational vehicles? Who is called to donate fuel monies allowing us and a crew to travel to whom and where God sends us. Are you the crew called to travel and witness to the people of America in person and to produce to share with others God’s Love and workings. We feel called to travel America for one year. Have some speaking places set up for groups and private meetings. Having a production team and equipment with us to film and document God’s Love and Will happening to share with each of you who can not make it to a group or private meeting. Which we will do out of Love and service and why we were created and called to do. It is hard on us to step out as we are very introverted people. We are very quite people. It is the Father, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit at work who compels us to even share all of this information with you.

We would enjoy building relationships and sharing the experience of creating these areas with you, although we also understand that not in everyone’s life is the season of time or desire to be able to physically help create these ideas and callings. However, you want to contribute to manifesting these realities and assist in God’s plans of use and enjoyment, for you there is a give online area that allows you to contribute without attending to be here in a certain time and place.

Thank you for your contributions as you can see progress is being made. To God be the Glory and in service to Him, HALLELUYAH! All praise be to our Lord.

It is so amazing to experience and watch God in Action!