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Sometimes it’s just easier to share with someone outside your circle of family, friends, or peers.

About Ra:

Ra Lovingsworth is an author, speaker, Bible teacher and personalized life-mentor. He seeks out the very best in each person, while utilizing specific strategies and creative methods to unveil who you are and how that reality can become embodied within you. In addition, Ra is here to help you to align your priorities and behaviors with your values, and to integrate your values with key principles in order to create enduring change. He is a magna cum laude alum of Liberty University. Similarly, he is a certified coach, and has studied at Liberty University, Emmanuel Christian Seminary, and Capella University where he completed his Master’s degree.
Faith must overcome fear, and resilience must push beyond the inner and outer struggles of life in order to cultivate our character as we align with our deepest passions and values to engage this world for the purposes of contribution and growth rooted in love, light, and life to the Glory of God.

Even at a young age I realized that there is something much greater to our existence than the daily grind of eating, sleeping, and working. My hunger to learn and grow has helped to fuel my drive to be able to help others in a greater capacity. Therefore, let us love more and seek to directly experience the transformation that comes through renewing our hearts and minds in the grace of our Heavenly Father.
As a result of formal education and personal research, Ra is well-versed in the Holy Scriptures and able to bridge together interdisciplinary fields such as: psychology, relationship dynamics, mindfulness, coaching, leadership, and processes of change in order to craft implementation strategies that frame and sustain positive changes to the Glory of God. Thus, the words of Saint Paul tell us, "To know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God" (Ephesians 3:19).

About Kelly:

Life can be easy, hard, smooth, complicated and beautiful, and at times seem magical. Whatever season or experience of life you are in, it can be better knowing you can call Kelly. Sometimes it’s just easier to share with someone outside your circle of family, friends, or peers.

Kelly has assisted many people for over 28 years from all walks of life. Sometimes she is given words of knowledge, messages to share. Kelly has been at times given instructions to drive and go to a different state or fly to another country to give a message to stranger. Why? The Creator of Heaven and Earth loves you so very much. The Lord has Blessed Kelly with the ears to hear and the eyes to see. For Kelly, living the life of relationship with the Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit presence working with her and through her has been a on-going blessing and burden in her life. In seeking and surrendering to be an instrument of God and being used in service to help others by providing gentle care and kindness, and at times tough love and accountability. Thus, in union with the Holy Word and Holy Spirit by listening to that inner small voice, and sharing life experiences and educational learning Kelly is able to connect and make practical the principles of life in order to support you in your journey. She was created as a instrument, and has been growing, learning, and refining her abilities and understanding of them since childhood.

Kelly has also received practical education and has her Master degree in psychology, she is a certified counselor and certified life mentor/coach. Why? To be the best she can be in order to assist you. Why? People can only give or share with what each one of us has from our own life experiences, or what we have learned and received from the good Lord above.
Her approach encompasses the wholeness and interrelated aspects in each of the core areas of life such as: personal, relationships, and spirituality. If you are looking for a mix of coaching with consulting, and sometimes special messages and guidance from Above, you have come to the right place. Kelly is down to earth, practical and positive, and really gets to the bottom line.

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